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I've been busy recording with the guys this summer and the new songs for the upcoming CD are sounding pretty awesome!  The follow up to the 2015 release "New Moon" should be ready for the public by the end of 2019. We have had a busy summer and our shows in Southern California and Colorado were a huge success! We hope to see you out on the road and here in the Bay Area at one of our shows!





Baja/TSR Records recording artist David Correa has been entertaining audiences since 1999 with his passionate and distinctive blend of instrumental Latin/World Guitar & Rumba Flamenco. Correa has toured throughout the west coast, northwest & southwest regions of the U.S. and have won numerous accolades and awards. Including 3 NORBAY awards for best Latin band in the San Francisco North Bay area three years in a row from 2005 through 2007. Signed to prestigious Baja/TSR Records in '06 and releasing "Rumba de la Selva" in 2007. in 2008 "Gypsy Spice" Best of New Flamenco was released and featured the track "Linda" from "Rumba de la Selva" along side artists such as Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Shahin & Sepehr, Govi, Armik, Young & Rollins, Behzad, Luis Villegas, Novamenco and Benise.

In 2011 Correa's 5th CD "Eterna Primavera" was released on Zocalo Records which features 10 new tracks.


On April 16, 2013 "Guitar Greats - The Best of New Flamenco Volume III" was released on Baja/TSR Records. This compilation CD features one of David Correa's tracks entitled "Amistad" alongside artist such as Johannes Linstead, Jesse Cook, Incendio, Armik, Luis Villegas, Pavlo, Behzad, Oscar Lopez, Lawson Rollins and many more. This is the second major CD compilation that Correa has appeared on.


David Correa plays Godin Guitars, Cordoba GK Pro Guitars and uses Savarez Guitar Strings, Neunaber Effects, T.C. Electronics, Fishman Aura Spectrum D.I. & Yamaha Amplification Systems.

Other products include Gravity Picks, Ultimate Support Guitar Stands & Shure Wireless Systems.




































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"Eterna Primavera" was released in 2011 on Zocalo Records and can be purchased at our live shows and on cdbaby.com & itunes.com




"Incidents of Travel" was released in 2003 on Zocalo Records and is available

exclusively at itunes.com & cdbaby.com


"Rumba de la Selva" was released in 2007 on Baja/TSR Records.

Availalble on itunes.com, amazon.com & cdbaby.com



The Music of David Correa and CASCADA is featured on

"Gypsy Spice - Best of New Flamenco". This compilation cd 

features artists such as Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Armik,

Luis Villegas, Young & Rollins and Benise. Available at itunes.com

or amazon.com




"Guitar Greats - The Best of New Flamenco - Volume III was released in 2013 on Baja/TSR Records and features the track "Amistad" from the Rumba de la Selva CD. This compilation features artists such as Jesse Cook, Johannes Linstead, Armik, Pavlo, Luis Villegas, Incendio and more. Available on itunes.com & amazon.com